S5E8 - Through the Love That We Grow: A Conversation on Environmental Justice, Collaboration, and Self-Care

April 11, 2022

Summary: Host Caris Fox and upcoming host for the RAGE Podcast, Micaela Parker, are joined by guest Ean Thomas Tafoya, the Colorado director of Green Latinos, to further dive into conversations about the climate crisis and advocacy for environmental justice. In this episode, Ean Thomas Tafoya discusses the importance of art as a tool for social justice, collaboration, and self-care. Additionally, Tafoya highlights the impact of a recent decision by Colorado state officials to not cut greenhouse gas emissions from large manufacturers until 2023. This episode also discusses the importance of centering intersectionality in combating the climate crisis, water as a source of life that should be shared indiscriminately among communities, and the power of staying true to oneself.


Ean Tafoya’s Website:

A Call for Climate Justice:

Green Latinos’ Website:

Colorado Environmental Protection Task Force:



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