S4E10 - From Veganism to Incarceration: Food Justice, Exploitation, and the Abuse of Bodies

June 14, 2021
Host Caris Fox and guests Dr. Jessica Ordaz and Dr. Lauren DeCarvalho discuss veganism, food justice, and the incarceration system. Dr. Ordaz introduces the writing process and history behind her new book, The Shadow of El Centro: A History of Migrant Incarceration and Solidarity. Dr. DeCarvalho deconstructs the representation of prisons and female inmates in film and the role that film plays in molding public opinions about incarceration and those incarcerated. This episode also examines the parallels between the food industry and the incarceration system regarding the abuse of bodies and exploitation for profit. Lastly, Dr. Ordaz and Dr. DeCarvalho address popular narratives about the legality and illegality of persons and “justified” imprisonment. 
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